Louise hulland

TV Reporter

In 2018 Louise joined the team of BBC One’s The One Show,  after pitching a story on the horror of Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking - a subject on which Louise is hugely knowledgable, and committed to exposing.

Louise is a familiar face on BBC One's Watchdog & Watchdog Daily, where she fronted all the coverage on the hugely controversial chemical MI, as well as highlighting the issues with packaged bank accounts, and exposing the wrong-doings of Credit Reference Agencies and bailiffs.

Louise also reports for BBC One's Inside Out, where she has worked alongside female bouncers, highlighted the dangers of unlicensed minicabs, and covered the problems of cheque fraud.

On Channel 5, Louise was last seen doorstepping an internet troll on Celebrity Trolls: We’re Coming to Get You and for Live with Gabby she was a roving reporter seen doing her driving test on TV, training guide dogs and becoming a female wrestler.

Louise has also fronted two investigative crime documentaries (which she also devised and produced) for London Live - where she investigated the issue of girls joining London's gangs, and the horror of rape in unlicensed minicabs. In this series Louise stepped behind the camera to Exec Produce and Direct two other episodes, on begging and prisoners' families.

Louise also appears on the Travel Channel USA in the hit show Mysteries at the Museum, which has won her a loyal fan-base all over the States.